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pad video

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i'm using a launchpad S to trigger videos. But I have to midi map the all pad everytime I add videos. And also print a new grid of pictures to stick on the buttons...

So we are working with arduino on a Pad video where buttons are replaced by little screens, we can preview and change the order easily with this pad!

the main problem is this: we need to have acces to Resolume and catch these information: for each square, the name of the video, the preview picture and the emplacement of the video.
Is there a way to have access to these datas?

In this way the order of the videos on the pad will be automatically updated


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Re: pad video

Post by deflost » it real?
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Re: pad video

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I dont think that midi or hid have access to media information only citp but im not sure

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Re: pad video

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There is a lot of information you can get from Resolume via OSC real time.
The rest you can get from the composition itself, it's just XML with a very straightforward structure.
Once you got the clip paths, you can also get the thumbnails Resolume stored from the preview folder.
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