Targeted device MIDI mapping.

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Stanislav Deryguz
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Targeted device MIDI mapping.

Post by Stanislav Deryguz »

Hello Resolume team.
If it possible to add feature to MIDI shortcuts like targeted device MIDI mapping.
Since we have very huge composition with lots of layers many xtra effects like Chaser and many custom content, it has to be triggered by at specific time thats why we heed a lot of controls.
For now we are using 1xAPC 40 MK2 and 2xAPC mini, rerouted by Bome (some of factory MIDI events on 40 and mini are same), but we experienced some issues:

1. Wrong feedback: (EXAMPLE) For some reason Note 1 Ch 1 on APC 40 start to blink when Note 1 Ch (2-16, any CH but different from APC 40) is sent by APC mini previously changed by Bome. I don't send strait midi from APC mini, they are unchecked in Preferences, but Bome virtual midi in/out checked.
2. Since we have all this controllers working together for some reason feedback on APC 40 (output velocity) has very low performance, especially rotary knobs. Not sure if Arena has limits for MIDI shortcuts. But if we have 40-60 shortcuts it work perfect, after 150 lag start.

Could you please add feature: When you add new shortcut it also record from which device the MIDI event is coming from, and send feedback also to same device not to others. So each short cut will communicate with some particular device not with all.

This will allow us to use multiple controllers on same machine without making custom massive list of rules and routers for midi controllers. It will increase comfortability and creativity.

I believe you can help me to resolve this issues.
Thank you.

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Re: Targeted device MIDI mapping.

Post by Arvol »

Could this not be resolved by putting each controller on a different channel?

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Re: Targeted device MIDI mapping.

Post by Joris »

I've recently been running into this as well.

The problem is that the APC40 uses notes on channel 1 through 8 for its buttons. You can then send the same notes on channel 9 through 16 to set the blinking state of those buttons. So sending a note on channel 9 through 16 will likely change the blink state on the APC40.

Even when you turn MIDI output off to the controller sending on channel 9/16, Resolume stills sends the MIDI feedback to the other enabled output ports.

This makes it very hard to use the APC40 with another second controller, so yeah, a big +1 from me.

One possible workaround is to set the notes from your second controller to a very high octave, outside of the range of the octaves the APC40's buttons are in.

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