Replace capture device INPUT

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Replace capture device INPUT

Post by Bassindaniel » Tue Oct 16, 2018 17:18

Hello guys.

Once in a while, I work on a different computer and not on my computer.
when i'm moving the project \ working with another capture device i need to rebuild every cameraד clip to find my source..

What about replace capture device INPUT option?

Stanislav Deryguz
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Re: Replace capture device INPUT

Post by Stanislav Deryguz » Wed Oct 17, 2018 02:21

Hello. I can guess that you have multiple camera clips cause you have some Fx sets on each, which you change during performance.
Here is small solution from me:
Drop your capture devise to some "N" layer (preferred on top, you can set layer name to e.g: "Camera Feed"), launch clip, set layer to bypass (to prevent original feed comes to composition), and forget for a while.
And now go to your layer with multiple cameras and replace all clips with "Video Router" (available from Sources tab), to avoid reset of FX stack, envelops etc. I recommend to use drag'n'drop to green info bar in the Clip property panel of Clip which have to be replaced.
Each Video router have to be set in this way:
* From drop down menu Input, select your layer with capture devise e.g. Layer N "Camera Feed"
* Uncheck - Input Bypass/Solo

Done! Ones you connect different capture device, go to layer N, put it there and launch.
All Video routers now will send feed from layer N processed with all that FX, Transformations and envelops which you set for each router.

Composition -> Save :)

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