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Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 23:50
by Grimm90
Sometimes i am working in resolume and i find features i'm missing so i try to write them down in a note , here's a list for now , some things are already mentioned around in other topics i guess .

- Locking clip horizontally :
Often i have 2-3 layers with a lot of content , 100+ columns long , and above in my comp there are layers with fx , routers , images , short sequences , whatever.

As i am scrolling towards column 100 and on , i often miss to have these clips "moving with me" , so they are close by all the time for when i need these clips.
For example i got one layer with 5 strobes and 2 black out/in clips .
Yes i could midi map these if i got my controller with me , but if im without i would love to have these functions or info i find relevant , in view , all the time in my set.
Now they are empty clip boxes , occupying a lot of precious screen space :(

- Advanced audio scripting , not sure if thats a term.
I sometimes use exposure combined with audio input on bass , so that it's constant on .5 when there are beats , and if the bass freqs. drop , it fades out my output to black.

With a 'advanced editor' u could maybe program : when bass is below this treshold for x amount of time , trigger this clips / layers / FX / sequence of clips.. Like a flavor of touchdesigner.. A extra unfold of the FFT external audio parameter, to see the a bigger version with more fine controls of the audio input would be cool. Or perhaps a module on its own like advanced output , an audio module , with midi mapable EQ on master audio input who knows..
Add some auto bpm detection if ur there anyway pls :p

- Different standaard icons for routers & fx (and more?).
Ok the update thumbnail feature is awesome. But it's still a lot of clicking & browsing.
How about a check option in preferences to choose or load your own of default icons for routers , fx's , fx stacks , generator driven clips , to go along every comp as default.
Or a way to load in a folder with these icons , and quickly assign them on the fly , something as the RGBA buttons in clip properties.
Update thumbnail is not always usefull for fx's for example.

- Mask size to comp.
How to explain..
I often work with pictures on the spot , into photoshop , select ,edit , and i end up resizing my image to 1920x1080.
From this image i make a silhouette selection of the object, to make a red mask , so all my effects applied on this image are only on the real life object. Image & mask are saved as . png

If i use the image file in a comp lets say 3840x1080 , i can position it from left to right on this comp canvas.
If i use my mask file and drop that in a layer / group / comp, it will stretch to 3840x1920.
I either have to juggle transforms to resize the mask and relative scale the content within, but generally i make mask file to the size of the composition , resulting in a red / alpha png file of 3840x1920 (and another possible mess up step in photoshop)
It's logic how resolume wants to apply the mask in this case , my request is a way to not have the mask stretch , and make it scale/ position / rotate editable so you can apply it where you need it in your composition.

- Fx size to comp .
I make an fx clip or stack , on a 1920x1080comp.
Later i import this deck in a 3840x1080 composition , i have to select & resize all fx clips to fit that composition or it all looks wrong. Any preferences window checkbox that could solve this ?

- Saving fx stacks = Scenes !
A way to save a certain combination of effects / generators with their parameters . Next to the effect browser , these could come in a 'scene' browser panel,

- Column groups.
So this layer vertical groups are awesomeee , could this be extended to grouping columns together too ?
This would make it possible to contain an amount of clips together , instead of having to divide them over decks.
Would work great in combo with autopilot on layer lvl , so it's random picking from within a column group. Also in smaller comps but where you have specific files for every dj set of the night , you could fit it easy in one deck and keep overview with these groups.
Also would make it possible to sequence long installations , where it plays one hour a sequence of clips in column group 1 , and then moves on to the next column or content group as you might call it too .
And another place to drop effects and masks ghehehe

- Collapse advanced output side panels.
In case of ,the advanced output , output screen is my best friend to see what is going on there in detail.
I just don't need the screen / slice & the properties panel , and even the top toolbar at this point , just a way to open, scale and move that window , "save&close" and put it back in full modus with a click.

Could even think about using a opacity slider on that "floating output monitor" , and make it midi mappable , to have it on a slider for quick reference if needed.

- last but not least , kinda a bit awkward to ask but to hell with that : one more level of subdivisons in 'edit points' of advanced output would help on really bad , bad days.
Now you can do X: 4 , Y: 4.
Resolume can now save situations where content & reality are far away quite good , but sometimes it's this one point of precision extra that's just missing.
And you don't have to go to 5 levels if u don't need to .

That's it for now , i support also the collapse group panels, and play clip x amount of times autopilot features in other topics

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 16:53
by Grimm90
I'm just gonna drop thoughts in this topic as they come by .

Something i could have used yesterday :

A "mute" button for a midi controller / channel.

I have my ACP40 mapped out ready , and i wanted to add midi control for a xbox controller yesterday.
The duplicate shortcut is awesome for this , but i had to turn off the acp first as the midi learn would sometimes pick up a signal from a 'not so greatly working anymore' knob on the acp.

And it's sometimes really hard to see which midi note is assigned where already when u use duplicates.

Could there be an option in the midi shortcut panel to turn on/off a controller and it's midi mapping within a midi preset ?
So all controllers would be mapped within this preset , but i could see their note layout one by one and also edit just the controller i need.

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:54
by Joris
Could there be an option in the midi shortcut panel to turn on/off a controller and it's midi mapping within a midi preset ?
I kind of like this idea. It implies that a controller can have its own shortcut presets, instead of there being a single preset for all connected controllers. That would also make mixing and matching of different controllers on different shows a lot easier.

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 16:38
by He2neg
isnt it allready possible to disable / able controlers (inputs) inside the preferences?

For Mapping and a "spamming" apc knob it can be a solution.

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 13:13
by Grimm90
True , that would work to avoid mapping a faulty button , but if you have a lot of duplicates , finding / clicking an assigned shortcut to change it is still tricky and unclear what note is from which controller.

Another feature request , or this is maybe already possible i just don't find how :
I got my apc40 pads mapped to the first 8 clips in a layer , for the first 5 layers .

Would there be a way to scroll horizontally to column 9-16 , and have the pads midi mapping move along , so they control now also clip 9 - 16 in those layers . Every time i scroll one column left or right , the midi mapping on the clips moves on up or down too.

Then i could use another row of pads to jump to 'cue points' in my layers , and immediately use the next clips after it with pad buttons.

Just as you can already select the 'byposition / this clip / selected layer" , could there be one more option called "by view" or something

This is solved by only using the first 8 columns and putting everything in it's own deck , but it isn't always practical , sometimes i need more content ready in one deck.

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 14:29
by Grimm90
Another feature request :

Being able to lock down parts of resolume.
How about an overlay mode like the midi / keyboard mapping , and you can select which UI elements are selectable / controllable , and which you just can click on but nothing happens until you de-activate the lockdown mode.

I'm currently programming an installation which will be running 99% by itself , but someone at the event will just change decks , start column one , and tap the bpm from time to time.
They need some level of access to the UI for these simple tasks .
At the same time , i don't want them to accidentally touch anything else , for example changing the master speed control and having to call me "dude its going way to fast whats wrong?"

I'm aware i could use a midi controller with just the functions they need mapped to it, but would be nice to be able to do without if needed , thats the nice thing bout new features no :p ?

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:15
by Grimm90
Santa already passed but i'm still adding to my list .

: A improved output monitor with options what to display.

9/10 times i would rather see my input on the advanced output section , displayed as my "output" window.
I need to see what i am sending to all slices , no matter if they are in the composition or not

There is this weird slice transform work around for this but that's kind of crazy i think for imo a main UI element . I mean that output / preview window is our equivalent of headphones for a DJ.
It has some options as PIP and such but more possibilities there would be really appreciated.

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 01:58
by Grimm90
-The option to select multiple columns in comp / group level and delete them all at once.
: When im done moving all my stuff around i like to tidy up and delete anything unneeded , makes it easier to scroll and stuff. Now you have to right click > 'remove' every column or copy paste everything to a new comp .
A shift + click multiple column select seems logical to be able to do.

- Seeing 2 (or more) clip/layer/group properties panels at the same time.
: Sometimes i want to compare settings between groups , copy effects or masks over but i have to switch groups , it isn't always practical.
Also for live playing , i can have a lot of fx on different groups , and there is no way to visually see all these effects lists on the different groups simultaneously .

Another step in resolumes layout could be to have the option to detach a panel to a floating panel ? Or an 'add/remove' panel option. Or a "pin panel" option. Many ways to go around this i guess.

Re: Locking content horizontally & other notes

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 18:56
by Grimm90
Sub-folders in the composition folder in my documents / resolume arena 6 / compositions .

If you have a lot of comps you want to save , it's gets messy in the composition panel , especially if they have a lot of decks and the panel opens with everything unfolded.

Would be nice to be able to add sub folders to categorise your compositions.
I personally would have a folder with generative comps , music-style comps , technical comps and so on.

Maybe it's just a tick from trying to keep everything super organised but i would really love this feature.