ip cam support

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ip cam support

Post by pixelkulisse »

hey ip cams are really cheap at the moment and i use them for input in resolume via a tool called ip-cam to syphon, the tool does not longer work. so it would be great to have an input for basic ip cams.

the tool : https://github.com/bakercp/IPCAM2SYPHON

i´m using this cam https://amcrest.com/amcrest-1080p-wifi- ... ra-pt.html

with a 720p rtsp stream like this example rtsp://admin:password@ over the location or club network

here is a good overview of the streams of almost any ip cam:

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Re: ip cam support

Post by deflost »

hello. you can play the cam url in vlc and install the ndi tools. the vlc plugin in there sends the ip via ndi to resolume, is not very much workm and no heavy load for the cpu or gpu.
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