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Post by VJ_Lazershaft »

Am I missing something super simple...

Possible to make Opacity an effect? So that it can be switched on and off - I often use envelopes on the opacity of different layers in a column to make them alternate.. but often wish I could have instances similar to transform...

is there already a way to edit clip opacity as an effect not as a native property?

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Re: Opacity

Post by NxKmn »

For this purpose, there are several effects that may be appropriate.

Transform ( Effect, not the native one at the clip / Layer )=> Scale @ 0% makes the clip disappear. Then, play with the opacity slider to make the video appear / disappear.

Infinite Zoom => Playing with the Alpha cursor allows you to make the clip disappear / appear. In addition to this, the "Num Slice" slider allows you to add an effect similar to Exposure (between 2 and 4 slices). At the beginning of the sequence, this makes the clip more "powerful".
( All other settings are at Zero)

Other effects could be appropriate, but from my experiments, I only retained these two.

After several tests, I find the method with the Infinite Zoom effect better than the one with Transform.

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Re: Opacity

Post by Ural_4320 »

I tried both, I found the Infinite Zoom method more efficient, but I find the first one more convenient; that's just me though, it's a perfectly personal matter of comfort!

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