Multi-select for generators

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Multi-select for generators

Post by beatfix »

I use a lot of FFGL source plugins (in Windows), which appear under Sources > Generators. I'd love to be able to select and load multiple generators at once, in much the same way that you can select multiple clips / effects, drag and drop them, and have them fill a row of clip slots.

I'm guessing that Ctrl-A won't work, because the generators share a UI pane with other sources, but it would be great to be able to click on a generator, scroll down, Shift-click on a generator lower in the list, and select all the ones in between. This behavior works for Files and Effects, but is not available in the Sources pane.


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Re: Multi-select for generators

Post by Eledtech »


Or ISF support where it's possible to drag ISF file to clip pads.
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