waveforms and spectrums please!!!

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Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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waveforms and spectrums please!!!

Post by sTuVIdR » Wed Feb 27, 2019 02:05

Hi can we please get waveforms and spectrums to function as sources as Resolume? ie so that the audio input creates a waveform (on an alpha channel background) or creates a spectrum analysis (frequency range FFT etc).

These should be pretty easy to implement I would think, especially since the spectrums are already appearing as a mod option, etc.

Currently there are a couple of workarounds to make this happen:
ie using syphon/spout and routing out of another program (which is clumsy and can create a lag)
or using bigfug plugins which are rather flawed and bug-ridden

But a native waveform/ spectrum would be amazing!

Plus can we get a variable period etc on the waveform (the more variables the better actually for both these sources.


Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: waveforms and spectrums please!!!

Post by officialyourdad » Mon May 06, 2019 15:25

This feature would be so great and as mentioned I presume it would be easy to implement. Please do add +1

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