New feature request - operation modes

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New feature request - operation modes

Post by willtom » Thu May 09, 2019 18:57

Resolume seems to be taking over the world, running more and more jobs that it isn't originally designed for. Might it be worth in v7 having a new option in preferences to enable different modes better suited to some of these other use cases?

One alternative mode I'd love to see would be to enable a more all encompassing preview bus, to set up a scene before pressing a take button (like most switchers). Or an alternative might be to have outputs be lockable onto the content they currently show, so the look can be redesigned offline, then unlock the outputs to be live again, kind of like a blind programming mode.

Obviously this isn't the main target market, so it mightn't be a sensible use of time to create these options, but I can certainly imagine some current users taking advantage, and it might persuade more new users into the fold too.

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Re: New feature request - operation modes

Post by Grimm90 » Tue May 14, 2019 00:48

i really sometimes miss a theater mode , with if i can dream even a timeline and a sequencer..

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