Expandability - New feature request

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Is taking Resolume on a second date
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Expandability - New feature request

Post by willtom » Thu May 09, 2019 22:43

I'm being greedy, sticking up two posts in a day wondering about possible future features, but never mind.

There seems to be semi-regular calls to be able to expand resolume controlled systems beyond what a single machine can handle. Is there any mileage in resolume considering synchronisation options between multiple machines. Perhaps in a similar way to watchout, with a master machine running timing and nodes processing their own pixel space?

Alternatively, could it work like E2, sharing video and resources through a high bandwidth network connection? This would probably turn out to be a little inaccessible to many users, as 40g network interfaces are still nearly $500/machine. There could be appetite for a solution like this though.

Just pondering anyway, I'm yet to go too far with my shows to be worried about a second synced machine yet

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