Exclude from Trigger Prev/Next/Random Clip

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Exclude from Trigger Prev/Next/Random Clip

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Sometimes I have clips that I only want to play in special circumstances. I don't want them included in Autopilot sequences, nor when using the Previous Clip/Next Clip(/proposed Random Clip) buttons. Creating new layers for these special clips is often inconvenient (maybe very inconvenient if special blends/effects etc need to be set up).

I propose a Clip-level setting similar to Ignore Column Trigger that excludes the clip from Prev/Next/Random Clip selection (including by Autopilot).

Exclude from Prev/Next/Random: On/Off (toggle)

When this option activated, the Clip can be still be launched by clicking on it directly (or using a shortcut that specifies the specific Clip, the Clip Slot by absolute position or in the selected Layer), but won't be launched automatically by the Autopilot, nor when advancing to the "previous", "next" or a "random" Clip in that Layer.

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