OSC labels for dashboard

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OSC labels for dashboard

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I know this has been asked for here before, but adding OSC output for dashboard link labels like we do with clip names would be the.bomb.com. :P

I have a TouchOSC template that has the dashboard links (comp/layer/clip) mapped to 8 faders, works great, but only static and unchanging dashboard labels can be mapped. If we could update a TouchOSC label with the dashboard link name dynamically that would be awesome.

Something like this:

I have contacted Hexler for the long OSC address issue as well. Hopefully they fix it on iOS sooner rather than later.

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Re: OSC labels for dashboard

Post by Arvol »

That could be Neat-O.

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Re: OSC labels for dashboard

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#10233 ;)
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Send dashboard names OSC

Post by vital_net »


I know there is another dead topic about this, Its to relaunch it. :roll:

How can I receive the 8 dashboard's knobs names when selecting a clip, or a layer ?

I get how to receive Layer and clip names, but it cannot be applied to dashboard knobs.

Thank you folks !! :D

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