Shaper - Star shape

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Shaper - Star shape

Post by yochee »

Star shape in Shaper?

just a basic star like here, with n edges

Hasn't felt like this about software in a long time
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Re: Shaper - Star shape

Post by AdevProjects »

There probably are a number of ways to do this.
This is what I came up with quickly.

I used a Shaper Source, Radial Cloner Effect and another Shaper Source to fill in the middle.
I left the colors in so the edges can be seen.
Star Settings.jpg

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Re: Shaper - Star shape

Post by edwin »

The shaper works with so called Signed Distance fields. The type of Shapes we can add are limited because they have to able to be described through a mathematical function.
The Star shape is possible though, so i'll have a look if i can add it.

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Re: Shaper - Star shape

Post by gremlintech »

Is it possible to add additional shapes using a vector file or such in a new generator?

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Re: Shaper - Star shape

Post by Zoltán »

If you'd create your own plugin, that should be no problem probably.

Do you have a specific shape in mind you'd like to add?
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