Bro, does your rig even lift?
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I'd like to try this out but it seems so complicated and I'm afraid i'll mess up my system somehow. I'm running windows 8 and have a 500GB Samsung 840 SSD with 150GB's of available space and would like to dedicate about 50GB's onto the 2nd partition to boot from. First off I'd like to ask the people who use muliboot for Resolume, does it make a big difference in performance? Is there anyone out there that can point me in direction of tutorials and/or give advice on how to go about doing this? Thank you I appreciate it!

Hasn't felt like this about software in a long time
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Multiboot is a good practice.

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A dedicated Resolume environment via a Multiboot can be a good thing.
Have done it before, but have been some time ago before the Multi-core era.

In conjunction with a dedicated boot I also stripped my Windows OS of all unnecessary processes and services.
All of my resources (RAM and CPU) was available for Resolume.

Well the times have changed and technology evolve with better processing, so nowadays I take those things for granted. Computers are fast and cheap , now instead of multi-boot I just get another box with super GPU powers. New computer with new Resolume is good.

How to?
-Well easy way, Install another harddrive then install OS.
-Maybe harder way, partition harddrive, then install OS.
-Costly way, bring it to a computer shop ask them to strip it.

If you cant do any of the above, then I think "You are in over your head".

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