Choosing Video Cards

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Choosing Video Cards

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People talk about this card or that, and setting for this driver or that driver, but I don't remember a post talking about just what attributes, benchmarks, features we should be looking at when choosing a card. I do know it's not the same as selecting for a video game. Is opengl the thing? Cuda? I don't think it's directX. There are lots of discussions in the forum, but I've yet to find a 'we do it this way' post from the devs.

I've been using a set of these: ... asp?id=240

Having 10 outs has been fabulous, having 10 mini display port to vga adapters, no so much. Screen order changes almost every time you reboot, and finding the desktop can be a pita, but it's up sides have far outweighed the down.

After 2ish years, both of those cards have died suddenly. I find myself looking for replacements. Port density is important, I need at least 8 outs, an no more than two cards. I fill up the rest of the slots with raid and black magics...

This looks interesting: ... 814131474R

As do these: ... 6814129274

And this: ... pro%20w600

Are workstation cards better than gaming cards for resolume? They certainly are not cheap.

I use VGA matrix switching, and a crazy assortment of projectors and displays, the triplehead devices force to many resolution compromises for my setups.

Anyone know of other options? Thoughts?

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