black and white output

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black and white output

Post by yomititun »

i have one edirol v4 mixer, it gives me a black an white output every time i connect it to a camera using a long cable. it gives me a colored output if the cable is very short. what could be wrong?

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Re: black and white output

Post by He2neg »

Did you tested different long Cables, maybe the long wire you use is just broken ;)

what kind of Cabel do you use in general ?! Video-Chinch ? / SDI / RBGHV / S-Video / Composite / Component ?

How long is long ? how short is short ?
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Re: black and white output

Post by hookerbot »

I've had this problem before with V4s (composite signal only). When the run gets super long the engine within the v4 can't process the color anymore, and it turns into just black and white. This can be verified with a local monitor on the 2nd out of the V4, it has nothing to do with resolume. The fix is to use a distribution amp that actually gains up the signal, not just splits it such as Kramer 101L, optimally at the camera, or alternatively, just in front of the v4.
When it happened to me, I got basically this information from Roland support. Good luck.

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