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Tuna Knobs

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 20:31
by ReggieUnderground
Got a surprise in the mail today -- my Tuna Knobs! These are knobs with suction cups that attach to your touch devices to make apps like TouchOSC more useable. It's a Kickstarter project and they just started shipping the units out.

The concept is great and they do work, but I must say I'm a little disappointed with the contact they make on my iPad's screen. Once they are suctioned into place, there is still a lot of wiggle room on the plastic knob. In a bass-heavy environment I could see these rattling quite a bit. You can even lift the plastic knobs a few millimeters off the screen while the unit is suctioned on. Hopefully there will be some clever fix for this.


If you're interested, the website is

Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2014 15:17
by Basic
Looks great. I didn't even know these existed!

Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 16:07
by massta
I have 12 of these "suckers". I'm testing them with my Acer T323HL 22 Inch Touch Monitor.
I've done a quick test using Touch Designer and it worked ok with the generic virtual knob. I should create a larger one like you have in your pictures.

One thing I found out quickly is that the knobs are not recognized all the time, usually only when you touch them. Must have something to do with the capacitive technology behind them (need to learn more about that). But that is awesome because I have 12 of them and the monitor only has 10-point touch.

Right now I'm building an Emulator Pro touch template to run over Resolume. I plan on using as many knobs as I can. Details to follow. There is another thread on Emulator Pro I'm commenting on.

Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 01:52
by drazkers
I had a batch to test and I didn't find them acceptable, just because they would randomly not quite connect properly. I was so excited for these things.

Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 00:58
by pfelberg
2014??!!! Man I am late! I got mine today.
Also ordered 12. Did a quick test with my new simplified layout for Resolume. After 5 minutes I got a frozen tablet.
It needs more testing. I´ll get back to you soon enough.

I hope it rocks!

Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 16:41
by massta
WoW, @pfelberg your touchscreen looks awesome! What did you use to build the widgets with?

I started a Touch Designer component that uses the knobs. I designed it to self adjust if the knobs move. Example: You move a knob from 0 to 20. Vibration and gravity move the knob to 15. You touch the knob and it is now back to 20. Basically on first touch the knob records how far it moved and adjusts it's value and visual representation accordingly.

Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 16:51
by pfelberg
massta wrote:WoW, @pfelberg your touchscreen looks awesome! What did you use to build the widgets with
Hi. I use "TOUCH OSC".

Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 19:29
by pfelberg
Haven´t considered vibration and gravity yet. That´s important thing to think about!!!

I was still getting a lot of freeze errors on Touch OSC with my Tablet, when using several nobs at the same time.
But today I made a giant leap on the usage of Touch OSC and Resolume and I hope this might solve all my problems.

I just took wi-fi and wireless connections out of the equation!!!!!

I had some delay while controlling Resolume thru Touch OSC, due to the Tablet wireless connection on the network.
Now imagine trying to real time control "abrupt" composition fade or speed values, for instance. It sucked due to the delay. I had to antecipate, to guess and do it before the beat itself. Arrrghhh!!!!

Not anymore!!!

Just now... my tablet is connected to the local network thru Ethernet cabling and everyting seems smoothly as never before.
Now, I just need some more testings to see if I got rid of possible freezing while using the knobs.


Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 19:34
by massta
Nice, this is great news.

Your Touch OCS config is very sleek. Feel free to share template.

Which Tablet device are you using, what resolution. Did you have to use USB/Ethernet Jack to connect this tablet?

Good stuff, keep up the awesome work!


Re: Tuna Knobs

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 19:47
by pfelberg
I lost my original OSC layout design files. I had a computer re format process and forgot to backup those. And I can´t find a way to retrieve them back from the tablet. Couldn´t phisically find them.
But I am designing a new one. Sure I might share it with you once its done.

I own a Galaxy Tab S. And the resolution was something like 2500 by..... humm I guess.
It has a Micro USB connection.

My Galaxy S7 came with a Micro USB to Female USB adapter included.
I bought a USB to Ethernet adapter.
So, the Ethernet adapter goes into the USB to Micro USB adapter that goes into the Micro USB input on the Tablet.
The Tablet auto recognized the Ethernet connection. Sweet. That never crossed my mind before.

P.S. didn´t work with the Galaxy S7 thoug.