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iSense 3D scanner

Posted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 15:02
by stagehand632
Hey has anyone seen the iSense 3D scanner? It looks really cool and easy to use. In their example they take a picture of a lion statue and are able to send it to a 3d printer to make a model. I wonder how this would work for video mapping? It could be a game changer. Would not have to spend time in 3D program drawing it. Though probably would not be good for a large object.

here is the link to their site ... Auhe8P8HAQ

Kinect on ios? Apple/Primesense

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 08:56
by fruitygreen
I have no experience with it but seems to be like Kinect on ios. Primesense tech "original kinect" share compatible specs. If it is, then I know what to expect. Resolution are pretty low when used as a scanner for 3d printing. Does okay for just as a reference type deal but not a scale replica with detail. MICROSOFT Kinect One and 3d Builder app is a higher resolution alternative.

What makes iSense attractive is its portability. I don't have an iSense but my Kinect v1 does good enough for scanning close stuff but walls and distant objects not acceptable for 3d .

Live 3d mapping could be possible if Apple lets it.

Maybe someone with an iSense can have success, but I have my doubts.


Re: iSense 3D scanner

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:23
by WedForward
According to it's specifications iSense seems to be suitable for this purpose. Actually I see 1 problem, memory of your device. Scan of huge objects needs lot's of memory, including RAM. So if your objects is not very big, you can use iSense. But for huge objects I recommend using laptop (for mobility) and a handheld scanner. Myself I use Artec Eva, and can recommend it as it provides good quality.