HD video capture devices FOR LIVE FEED

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Re: HD video capture devices FOR LIVE FEED

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- 8 - Epiphan SDI2USB - USB 3.0
http://www.epiphan.com/products/sdi2usb-3-0/ Also no further information regarding its performance. Looks like a very interesting device with a "htrough" port so you can copy your sdi source to a separated screen.
Anyone has experience with it?
I just had one of these pass through the office so I thought I'd try it out. I was able to install it on a Win 10 64 machine and Arena 5.1.3 recognizes it. The only thing I had available to test with was a Decimator MD-Cross but the Epiphan and Arena didn't flinch at me scrolling through the various test patterns and output formats.

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Re: HD video capture devices FOR LIVE FEED

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Hey guys, just wanted to give a review of the AverMedia DarkCrystal HD, which is a PCIe gaming capture card and very moderately priced: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002S ... UTF8&psc=1
I know AverMedia stuff works ok with Resolume since it uses DirectShow so I went ahead and gave this one a shot for an install on a club rig. They don't have a super high res setup so 1080p was going to be more than enough, and they have the signal converting to component to hit all the bar TVs. You have to set the resolution of the composition before adding it, because the source will be stuck at that resolution. In the case for this composition, 720p worked fine. Low latency, clean signal, easy setup and install.
https://www.avermedia.com/tv_more/produ ... apture_pro

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Re: HD video capture devices FOR LIVE FEED

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If you wouldn't mind, could you add your frame or ms delay and setup to the live input benchmark thread so we could have that added to the database?

Thanks for sharing :)

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