Razer Core

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Razer Core

Post by joshuadmello »

Has anyone used the Razer core with the Razer Blade pro and Arena?

Can you use to core to push multiple outs ? Not too sure how it will work and the gpu that arena will end up using.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Razer Core

Post by drazkers »

I saw someone post that your laptop screen runs off your internal GPU and everything else runs off the external GPU.

So that means to use this you need to bring a spare monitor and run your gui off the card, not the laptop screen. I need to do more research tho, so don't take this as fully back up.

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Re: Razer Core

Post by Anothertom »

pretty sure that's not right, you can run the integrated screen of the external gpu. And the core can be hot plugged, switching which gpu is being used is done in a desktop app.

However, there is also the question of "is it worth it?" current generation laptops have desktop grade GPUs in (up to dual gtx 1080s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi7gbWPXCXg) so you can get ~ the same performance in just the form factor of a laptop.

I can see it being a nice thing to have if you regularly take a laptop out and about and don't want something big and bulky, but want a dedicated gpu at home.

But for running visuals in a nightclub, where space is a premium? Probably better to spend the extra $/€/£ on a laptop with a good dedicated gpu, and less messing about with drivers, hot plugging and lugging it about.

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Re: Razer Core

Post by lightbx »

All valid points, Anothertom!

Turns out Macs can use the external GPU in a Thunderbolt chassis as primary GPU for the OS by installing eGPU, which has been automated down into 3 easy steps. Instructions can be found here: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/ ... ay-output/

The consideration of price, technical limitations, and form factor are all crucial for any purchase. Think of it as a venn diagram, similar to the classic time / budget / quality conundrum. (You can produce work well, quickly, or for cheap, but rarely can you accomplish all three. You get two if you know what you're doing.)

Personally, I can see myself getting an Akitio Thunder2 with a 750Ti, all for around $350, and turning my Mac mini into a rendering/encoding/Resolume workshopping machine. (I did my research — it will all work with a 120V PSU). That would be my center section of the diagram (small, cheap, relatively powerful).

The laptop info you posted is really interesting, and definitely would make a beast for mobile VJing with Resolume. All things considered, the Wolfe and Razer Core are best suited to the use for which they are marketed — expanding a Macbook Pro to be capable of providing quality desktop VR.

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