Input Device Benchmarks

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Re: Input Device Benchmarks

Post by Antczakus »

My test latency.
BMD Intensity Pro -HDMI- 1080i50- 77ms
BMD Intensity Pro - HDMI - 720p50- 67ms

BMD Declink Studio 2- HDMI - 1080i50- 77ms
BMD Declink Studio 2 - HDMI -720p50-67ms

Declink quad- SDI - 1080i50 send by Roland v1 -100ms
Declink quad - SDI - 720p50 send by Roland v1 -90ms

Roland v1-1080i50- latency 34ms

Magewella Pro capture SDI - 67ms

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Re: Input Device Benchmarks

Post by Eledtech »

I wanna bring that back.
Tested with datapath vision SC uhd

I9-9900x 10 core
64gb memory
2 TB nvme drive
3 capture cards (datapath vision SC uhd, decklink duo, decklink 8k)

Test 1:
3840x2160 p60 input (1 channel)
Latency between 120 and 140ms

Test 2:
1920x1080p60 input (1channel)
Latency between 100 and 120ms

Test 3:
2 x 3840x2160p60 (2 x hdmi input from 2 sources)
In resolume 2 layers side by side
Latency on both between 130 and 160ms

Test 4:
1 x 7680 x 2160p60 (2 x hdmi from another media server with nvidia surround option activ)
Total synced input
Latency between 140 and 160ms

Did the tests with vision preview Programm as well, it's around 20ms faster.

Madmapper is around 10ms slower then resolume
Touchdesigner (depending on which driver used) gives same results like resolume and madmapper.

In my opinion it's useful for many cases.
But a simple Webcam test brings a visable delay, so it's not VERY useful for "SPEAKERS"
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Re: Input Device Benchmarks

Post by Warspite »

Magewell USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus - 7 frames at 60fps video-test, 4k resolution (3840x2160 60fps resolution)
Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder 4k - 10 frames at 60fps video-test, 4k resolution (3840x2160 30fps resolution)
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