Edirols newest tooly

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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Edirols newest tooly

Post by Sense »

Visual synth.


Thought you guys would be interested ;)


nz / Sense

Hasn't felt like this about software in a long time
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yeah im interested...

Post by SuperficiaL »

i heard they would cost about 3-4 THOUSAND euros...
and here i was thinking the ReACT was overpriced :(


Post by Anonymous »

I saw this one at Avit in birmingham very nice tool:cool:

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Post by VJair »

it looks nice, but it an only hold 48 photos....
nice idea but a touch expensive for a photo playback unit...

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Post by bart »

yeah it,s nice! we met the japanese developers at AVIT, really nice guys and the synth has some good things and a lot of posibilities but a lot of it is still pre-programmed so it,s hard to put your own style into it.

but it,s a good development!

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Post by mfo »

to perform with this toy looks quite unflexible to me... so i'm a bit sceptical about it.

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