Mac computers and HDCP

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Mac computers and HDCP

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Anyone have problems with Macbooks giving HDCP errors when outputting from a Mac to a capture card? I installed a rig at a club with an AVerMedia DarkStar HD capture card. Worked fine for the PC DJ, hooked it up to a nice HDMI splitter, but when we get the MacBook DJ's video input (They use Serato to VJ) it gives me HDCP errors. The only 2 supported outputs from the MacBook are 720p and 1080i. Any advice?

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Re: Mac computers and HDCP

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Is it possible the Mac DJ used DHCP content when the other DJ didn’t?

Some HDMI splitters will allow you to bypass DHCP (I’ve got a drawer full of them) but not all.

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Re: Mac computers and HDCP

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HDCP stripper
Cheap chineese HDMI splitter, where in 1st output is connected HDCP compatible device like TV.
EDID Emulator (i used kramer DVI) - so your macbook detects Kramer, not Aver and sends clean output signal.

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