300’ long DisplayPort Cable {HELP}

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300’ long DisplayPort Cable {HELP}

Post by cesar_munoz »

i need to send a DisplayPort 1.2 from my Resolume PC to an image processor controlling a LED Wall over 100m (around 300’) away. i need DP1.2 with no format conversions, i know theres cheap HDMI-over-CAT6 senders these days that can do that distance and more; unfortunately for me, the image processor im working with only supports 4K over DP1.2 . has anybody done this before? ive heard about DP-over-Fiber adapter but im a little lost since ive never done this before. HELP

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Re: 300’ long DisplayPort Cable {HELP}

Post by He2neg »

There are 4k 60hz hdmi fiber cables. They arent cheap ;)

Other solution can be to split the signal into parts 4x fhd and use 4 cables ( sdi/bnc i.e.) and use 4 led prozessors.

4k led prozessors are also quite rare ;)
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Re: 300’ long DisplayPort Cable {HELP}

Post by Empyfree »

No direct experience of them, but this sort of thing looks like it would fit your needs.

https://m.reichelt.com/gb/en/fiberx-ser ... stct=pol_0

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