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Entry level projector for a new user

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 23:00
by Six-245
Hi, I just started learning the Resolume software. I want to use it for my new band's live performances. It's a trio and we'll probably be confined to small venues for the foreseeable future (not counting covid).

I'll link Resolume to Ableton or create a new AV composition. During performances I'd like to beam the visualization onto the band and the wall behind us.

I never owned or used a projector, so I'm really lost and could use some help please.
Could you recommend something for the situation described above? If you can't name a specific model, please tell me what specs I should look out for.
Also, what are the costs I should expect? The prices are all over the place but I'm guessing a 100 USD projector won't do me any good. But I definitely don't want to go for the top shelf, as the band needs will probably evolve and we might need to change our gear in the future.

Thank you!