quadro o geforce

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quadro o geforce

Post by astoa »

I am going to renew my gtx 1060 card to try to have more fluidity and I would like to know how resolume works with quadro graphics cards since I have never used them, I am between the quadro rtx 4000 and the gforce rtx 2070

I usually do events with several hd projectors and camera inputs with blackmagic decklink duo 2
I don't know if resolume works better with quadro or gforce and I can't find information on this topic

sorry for the mistakes but I translate with Google

thanks a greeting

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Re: quadro o geforce

Post by Arvol »

Only use quadro's if you need more than 4 or so sync'd outputs (for projection layering or blending) otherwise save your money and get a more powerful and cheaper Geforce card. You can use FX4's to get sync'd outputs and the cost of a FX4 and a Geforce card will be cheaper than a Quadro card.

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