lost in the harware market

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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lost in the harware market

Post by memg »

Firstly, I should say that I know VERY little about computers.
I was running Resolume on a Acer Ferrari 3200 and it was ok until one point. Now when I run Resolume on it the computer simply shuts down after a little while.
I want to buy a new computer, which can be Mac as well. Could you please recommend me what should be my next buy?
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Post by suvanto »

your machine may have problems with its motherboard, which means you
really need a new computer. it is also possible that it only needs good cleaning.
enough dust inside the machine can cause that kind of a problem. i recommend
that you take it to the nearest computer service and let them check it out.
good luck,

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Post by alchemist »

Your laptop may be simply overheating - after some time vent ducts get dirty and cooling is not that efficient anymore. You may try using an active cooling pad.

In terms of new machine - it depends what you want it for.
Dual core Intel seems a good choice - both in PC and MAC.

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Post by Basic »

im after a new machine and i want to build this one and the thing is ive never built before. where should i start? i mean ive added new hdd's, graphics cards and that so im not all that new to that but im def a newbie to building! thanks :P

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