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Re: Wii

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Hey everybody. Glad to see everybody is using and improving upon my script! I have not posted an update because I wanted this kind of interaction to take place. If any of you have made any other breakthroughs, please share them as well! That was the whole point of sharing it in the first place...

I will be releasing a v1.0 shortly, with some tweaks and added features.

You ready for this? The new version will allow for the connection of a 2nd wiimote attached to a guitar hero guitar. It has tons of controls, and now you will be able to "rock out" your visuals. It's being added as a 2nd wiimote control to avoid needing to pull out and put back in the remote b/c while the guitar is pretty robust, it is not as robust as using the nunchuk.

The new version still runs the same without the 2nd wiimote, but i just was experimenting with the guitar and its a lot of fun, so i thought i'd include the option.

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Re: Wii

Post by homing »

Wooaah... Just got a new bluetooth dongle. It's working way better now. Much more Fluid !

Can't wait the see the new version nexus!

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Re: Wii

Post by VJ_Chico »

Recently I bought a second wiimote, I want to use it in place of the nunchuk, but cant figure out how to dispose the functions... like video selection in the nunchuk using the joystick and 2 buttons that can be pressed at same time with just one hand is some hard to do in the wiimote. Somebody has an idea? Nexus? Thanks.

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Re: Wii

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first of all, thanks to vj nexus for sharing his codes
let's see this wiimote vjing vidéo
welcome in a wireless world!!!

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6g2ap ... e_creation

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Re: Wii

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Heyo! Absolutely no one here knows me or has probably even heard my name. Call me a bit of a lurker if you will- I've just been nervous about letting my music or my name out until I feel relatively comfortable, which I still don't, but this Wii thing is a huge deal.

First off, I don't even know what Resolume is. I'm guessing it's DJ software? I know I could easily find this out by actually <i>looking at the site I'm on right now</i> but I'm a little bit excited- the wii and glovepie is what I'm concerned with for the moment! I've used Deckadance in the past and am thrilled with the possibilities of this, and about finding more software.

I use Fruityloops, I haven't done much live stuff, and I use two hardware Korg synths (electribes). I'll sing FL's praises any day of the week, but I also haven't used much other software aside from getting a free version of Abelton LE with a giant midi controller I bought >_>.

So, down to business! I can't be the first person to coin the term "Wii-jay", could I? Dare I? That's not even important.

I've been using an alternate script for GlovePIE to run the wiimote through to FL. I just DLed the code (this was the first hit that looked solid that I found via Google) and I'm going to try it out. I'm not sure how it's going to interact as I haven't even looked at it yet, but I'm going to try and adapt it for FL. I have a minor programming history and I'd consider myself an intuitive guy, considering I'm absolutely self taught as far as it comes to writing electronic music. Otherwise I have a history in blah blah blah I'm not here to give you my resume.

Anyway, I've never really belonged to any communities and anything regarding electronic music to me has been my secret little world, I just recently met someone who writes elec music for the first time and I've been writing for about two years now. I'll put a plug if anyone's interested in my stuff but I'm much more interested in sharing my insights with the wiimote glovePIE coding and capabilities in general than I am with shameless advertising, which frankly, isn't.

Anyway, now that I've completely boiled over and there's water everywhere and horrendous mess, I'm going to get to cleaning it up and taking a look at this code =).

Much much appreciation and props given for the coding! I look forward to becoming part of a community and sharing what insights I can discover.


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Re: Wii

Post by jeff32 »

hi. it seems that Nexus' script to control Resolume with a Wii is no longer available on the forum. Does anyone have it?? i wonder if it works with avenue 3

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Re: Wii

Post by papikoms »

How can one get the script?

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Re: Wii

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I hope somebody can help you, I really do. But the last post to this thread was nine years ago! So probably not...

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