DMX Video Playback Through LED Bars

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DMX Video Playback Through LED Bars

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After struggling with led strips and realizing purchasing power supplies and soldering was not the full-proof and simple setup I imagined it to be - I am looking at purchasing some DMX controllable (and self-powered) LED bars. My intention is to hopefully output video from Resolume via an EDMX1 Pro Ethernet - DMX node to Microh Tri-Bar LEDs.

I've got a bit of a deal on these lights, but I have yet to successfully output video to any LED system and I want to confirm that this will work as imagined.

This is the Artnet to DMX box:

These are the lights - Microh Tri-Bar LEDs ... oCb6jw_wcB

Will this setup work? What else would I need?
Thanks !

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Re: DMX Video Playback Through LED Bars

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I'd also like to know about these problems. I haven't yet successed with my LEDs and Arduino !! :shock:

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