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MATTERPORT support … (crazy idk how you could make it so the viewer could explore deeply into my layers live.. but pumping live 360º into a clip could be really trippy for humans to see their world that way). I don’t know how to use UNREAL ENGINE (yet) but trying to find someone to inspire me iRL so I can make a movie Zoltán & I have been discussing this for several years now, using 360º cameras, routed live in Resolume. In fact I was told to make this post by Mx. Pálffy.

To finish the concept, I would love to then have layers of the talent walking in a space via cinema camera in a switcher, with lots of light and green screen, having blurry effects like Acuarela + Trail vibes… We have done this without 360º and it looks great. But instead of exporting files and dropping clips, we could make this movie in real time, make it a lot more fun for everyone and you will feel it in watching.

The added benefit of MATTERPORT-THRU, would be that people watching on the other end, can change camera angles, stop, move around and interact more than just watching a projection or vj or music video, however, it should simply play-back so even the developers can dance and enjoy the community it influences.

Matterport and DJI are both interested in collaboration, so I imagine this for arena FPV drone shows in stadiums + at home, with Resolume Arena as the live VJ sampler effect switcher, people diving DEEP into the VAPOR GLITCH NOISE.

And that's it. I hope you all can deep dive imagine some amazing possibilities for this too.
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