AMD 6800 xt low fps comparing to 1080 gtx ?

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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AMD 6800 xt low fps comparing to 1080 gtx ?

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Hi All,

I just purchased and install on my i9 , 16gb , z390 system a new xfx 6800 xt card , which replaced a 1080 gtx card . Im using Resolume 7.1

Its the first time Im using AMD cards so Im not sure if there are any specific option on the drivers I use that are not allowing me to have high fps when I playback more than 8 clips at the same time.With my 1080gtx I was able to play at least 10 clips in 1920*1080 at 90+ fps while now for the same clips Im getting half fps !

I would appreciate any feedback on this.

Thanks in advance

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