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Re: Browser Source

Post by He2neg »

and then update the thumbnail to have a nice view ;)
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Re: Browser Source

Post by Robvolver »

I've been asking for one too because I feel like it would be simpler, I know I can/do use NDI through OBS but it would be nice to route my stream alerts through resolume without such a drastic slow down. NDI through OBS seems to be hitting a network bottleneck before I make full utilization of my hardware. Unless someone has some work arounds for me that would be very helpful

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Re: Browser Source

Post by Blusound »

Arvol wrote: Mon Feb 08, 2021 21:01
Blusound wrote: Mon Feb 08, 2021 19:42
Zoltán wrote: Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:02 NDI Scan Converter can grab your browser window.

If you grab the webpage with OBS, you can send it out via the OBS virtual camera to Resolume too.
Yes I know but I have to use OBS and this way I can open only one browser source at full resolution.
Make OBS's canvas size to the following spec's:

Width = (Whatever you call "Full Resolution" for a Web Browsers Width in pixels.) * (The amount of Webpages you want to load.)

Height = Whatever you call "Full Resolution" for a Web Browsers Height in pixels.

Then add in your Webpages into OBS, putting them all next to each other in your "Full Resolution".
Then output OBS as a Spout source, a virtual camera, or a NDI source back into Resolume.
Then use Resolume's Clip Transform or Crop Video FX to make a single Webpage fit into the clip scale in Resolume.
Then repeat the process for a new clip slot in Resolume, changing your settings to get the next Webpage in frame, until you get all you Webpages brought in as clips into Resolume.
Thank you all for your suggestions but the focus of my topic was not how to find a workaround to open web pages inside Arena. The focus was to know if there was interest from the developers, or from the community, in a way to open directly web pages inside Arena. My interest in this was focused on the purpose of designing a workflow for mixed digital events, in which there are speakers in one or more locations mixed with meetings or webinaries mixed with remote calls and the program of all this stuff streamed over internet. I thought to use Skype or Teams, which are NDI implemented, to capture the remote calls, but are not so reliable in practice and the audio is a problem too. The best way would be the possibility to open directly an OBS Ninja stream, wich is a web RTC stream inside a web page. From this my topic.

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Re: Browser Source

Post by Zoltán »

Features which can be achieved easily with other, already existing solutions, probably won't end up on the top on our list, but let's see how the voting goes.
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Re: Browser Source

Post by Arvol »

Zoltán wrote: Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:02 Features which can be achieved easily with other, already existing solutions, probably won't end up on the top on our list, but let's see how the voting goes.
Yup. TBH This is a feature that probably only less than 10% of the user base would need and even then, maybe on only 35% of those users shows. I can count on one hand how many times I've needed this. And there are 3-4 other easy solutions out there for this.

I'm all for new features If there's nothing else to work on, but there are some pretty heavy hitters in the request cue I'd love to come see the light first.
I'm +1ing the request, But as Zoltan said, you might not hold your breathe on it anytime soon.
The purpose of my lengthy replies was to just get you up and running and trying to keep your expectations reasonable <3
Always happy to help find a solution for people even if it's not a current feature in Resolume.

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Re: Browser Source

Post by ParmPanesar »

I'd like to +1 the Browser Source part of this request.
It'd be pretty useful to me right now.
I use Vmix and Resolume on the same machine sometimes, to Stream to Twitch.
It will save me opening an instance of OBS as well just to be able to import an Emote Wall overlay.
This is just 1 example.


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Re: Browser Source

Post by l0de »

Browser source would be INCREDIBLY helpful for my workflow.

You can do a tremendous amount of work with it, apply custom styles to pages, etc. It's one of the most powerful tools in OBS.

While I'm chiming in with things from OBS that are great, their chromakey is amazing, I wish resolume would implement browsersource and the chromakey in OBS.

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Re: Browser Source

Post by RossMcIntosh »

+1 from me.
Browser sources are becoming a regular part of my work flow for different clients.

I'm well aware of the various work arounds, and would prefer not to rely on them.
For a start there becomes a dependency on multiple other applications running.
But most importantly, window capture only allows for one source without going and changing tabs.
Unless you capture multiple browsers, but need multiple capture apps.

A browser source allows multiple clips to exist in the composition, that directly render the page they're supposed to.

Ironically, one of the most common ones I use is
But regularly have to get stuff from also

Resolume was perhaps designed for VJs but as I'm sure it's used well beyond that scope also.

I'd love it if you would consider a little time towards it, probably Chrome.

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Re: Browser Source

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