Rear projection tips and tricks

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Rear projection tips and tricks

Post by scry14 »

Hello to all,
hope that you had a nice summer.
I would like to know if any one of you had ever worked with a rear projector & haze from a stage setup, sending the proj light towards the audience in order to produce a 3Dimensional light effect ressembling lasers, where the light makes a kind of 'energy wave', very minimal but powerful.
If yes, i would be very happy if you could share your knowledge with me about the workflow, and if/how you can manage this directly from Resolume ?

I link some examples of what i have in mind. I hope that you'll be tolerant with the fact that i'm new in the field and trying to learn from you that have more experience.
Best wishes
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Re: Rear projection tips and tricks

Post by He2neg »

I did this and yes it work like you think it should =)

Content Wise you should stick to clear borders and more on the thin side....
A lot can be done with the internal sources and effects.... also slower can be better ....
all this things can be adjust quite quck on the fly when you actuall see what you are doing...

As a last hint take a good look at the lens faktor to have a wide enough field to work with.... the Focus point should be somewere in the middle.
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