MIDI overload

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MIDI overload

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I am running Resolume for a live act running on Ableton Live.
Ableton sends midi ccs, midi notes and midi clock to resolume through rtpMIDI.

Midi CCs makes the clock go wild. Its drifts a lot. (+/- 50 BPM) The more CCs are received, the more it goes wild. It also affects MIDI notes which are taken into account sometimes 15s later.
When we remove the CCs, everything is fine.

The computer running resolume is doing fine (60fps locked all the time, M1 Max Macbook pro)

I know it's not a connection issue, I tried running resolume and ableton on the same computer, and it has the same behaviour.

Anyone had this issue ? Is this a known behaviour ?


Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: MIDI overload

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Not sure if this is related, maybe it is not by a mile.

Thing is I am working with a midi controller and send out REST-API commands, which is through another way then MIDI in your case. Resolume stays stable and there is little lag, but it does *crash* upon exit. I already mitigated it to some degree by using return signals on my end to ease any overflow.

Not sure if Resolume likes a deluge of inputs from a controller? Maybe there is some limit?

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Re: MIDI overload

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Midi clock doesn't carry time information as you might expect.
The receiver determines the tempo from the timing of the midi clock packets.
If the inputs get clogged up with a huge amount of messages, the clock packets can't be processed in time, and that will cause fluctiations.

Resolume supports Ableton Link, I'd recommend that for tempo and beat grid sync.
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