Windows 11 plus Resolume taskbar hover fix

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Windows 11 plus Resolume taskbar hover fix

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resolume has an intersesting issue on windows 11. wondering if anyone has found a way to fix this.

windows 11 has an animation that pops up when you hover over something that is open but minimized on your taskbar. to see this issue yourself do the following:
-open several tabs inside of your web browser.
-hover over your web browser on your taskbar. (windows 11 will run an animation right above the taskbar that shows all your web browser tabs)
-hover over the web browser tab you want to open (you'll notice that every other open application goes transparent so that you can see ONLY the web browser tab you're hovering over)

the problem this causes with resolume is; if you have your advanced output running, and you hover over something on the taskbar for too long, resolume's advanced output ALSO goes transparent so that windows 11 can show you that app your hovering over. Basically, when i hover over my taskbar during a performance all the led walls go black until i click on the taskbar again or move my mouse away from the taskbar. huge pain, generally undesirable.

has anyone found a good way to get windows 11 to turn off the taskbar hover animation/ application transparency? I've tried several tips from microsoft but had no success.

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Re: Windows 11 plus Resolume taskbar hover fix

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