LED strip control, not just video

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LED strip control, not just video

Post by fietstasss »

Hi all,

I'm about to create a gig where in i've got a bunch of LED-strips in a serie of complex 2D shapes.
As an example let's say i've got multiple hexagons made out of LED strips, a bit like in this example.

Offcourse it's possible to use this as one large 'screen' in which a complete video will be 'flowed over' the LED strips.
With help of the correct input mapping this wouldn't be too hard actually.

But, i'm looking into a way to be able to also 'use' the single honeycombs, the single LED lines. Bit hard to explain, but for example to display a lightball flowing through each line. Or to visualize a 'pacman-style' led running around.

Is this kind of linear control even possible with Resolume? How should i set this up?

Maybe another example of the desired control would be:

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Re: LED strip control, not just video

Post by shudder_inc »

You could make content to do something like the video link. Build the input map for the LED strips and export the SVG. Take the SVG into After Effects (or similar) and create the chase animation.

Another option would be using a Solid Source for each LED strip. Scale and position at the clip layer and then animate the corresponding X/Y (based on angle or desired effect). Place all the Solids in a single layer in the order you need and use Autopilot to make them chase.

If it's an option, this would be easy to create with a lighting console. Patch the LED strips into the console using same patching info as Resolume. Send the Art-net signal from Resolume through the lighting console. Use the lighting console for all your chasing effects and Resolume for pixel mapping video onto the strips.

Wire might be an option as well

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