Processing for Resolume

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Processing for Resolume

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Hi everybody,

Imagine you were a Processing buf and just wished you could have your sketches in Resolume as plugins or something, but making a C++ Freeframe plugin is just too much.

Well now you can. Absolutely minimal changes to your sketch and you can load it into Resolume, nothing more to do, and it comes up just like a custom-made FFGL plugin.

What is this all about you ask. Well look here :

and here :

Boring details :

Any Processing sketch can be converted in a matter of minutes to allow variables within the sketch to be controlled by the Freeframe user interface.

The SpoutController FreeframeGL plugin is copied to the sketch folder, the sketch run once to produce a control file which links the sketch to the host and the whole sketch folder is then copied to the Freeframe video effects folder of Resolume.

When Resolume is started, the sketch name will be in the list of FFGL sources, just like any other Freeframe plugin. Drag and drop it to an empty cell and the sketch is automatically started. After it has loaded, click on the cell to activate the plugin as usual and the output is immediately available within Resolume.

Several different sketches can be set up in the same way and they all appear as FFGL sources with their individual names. Each can be used just as a typical Freeframe plugin would be.

A comprehensive tutorial has been created by Eric Medine that steps though creation of a SpoutController Processing sketch and it's operation within Resolume from start to finish (


Implementation by Lynn Jarvis ( Concept and tutorials by Eric Medine (

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Re: Processing for Resolume

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Spout based development becomes amazing day by day.
I wish this guys a donations rain.

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