Spout input + effect = black output

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Spout input + effect = black output

Post by Nackgi » Tue Feb 12, 2019 19:14


I'm having a problem with spout input and some effects. (Newest version of Resolume)

When I put for example a hue rotate effect on top of my spout input source, the output goes all black. Same happens at least with levels, infinite zoom and iterate. Some effects work just fine. And every effect works if I use a video file as source instead of spout.

Anyone else having this problem?

My spout input comes from TouchDesigner as 8-bit fixed (RGBA), changing the format didn't help.

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Re: Spout input + effect = black output

Post by Zoltán » Fri Feb 15, 2019 15:12

Do you have the latest drivers for your GPU?
Also, what kind of GPU are you using?
Which Resolume version are you using exactly?
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