Touring with Multiple outputs - need some opinions!

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Touring with Multiple outputs - need some opinions!

Post by gleff1985 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 14:13

Hello Resolume-forum,

Long time lurker, but first-time poster. I’m looking for some advice regarding the following set-up we will be touring with our theatre company April coming. Would love to bounce some ideas with you on what would be the best way to make this set-up work. Any response would be greatly appreciated!

The set :
The set is constructed of a white tile backwall measuring 6.5 meter high and 12 meters wide. The tiles are 30 x 30 cm wide and we will be mapping on the entire surface.
The side walls are 5.1 meters deep and measure 6.5 meter in height. They also have the white tiles which will be mapped.

In front of the stage you can see a small control booth which an actor will stand in for the duration of the show. There are 4 LCD Ful HD monitors in there (1 control Ableton) , 3 to be showing content , social media pages, twitter feed etc (all pre-recorded content).

The Hardware :
Regarding the control booth. We have the monitors and we are still discussing how to get the content to show on the screens. They will need 3 HDMI inputs.

The mapping on the set will be done by using 5 Epson L1505UH projectors which will be rigged vertically. Their aspect ratio will be 10:16 with 1080 x 1920 resolution.
Setup projectors.jpg
We currently have the choice to go for:
A desktop PC , 8700K with a GTX 1080 Ti running Resolume
Macbook Pro , I7 8th gen with Vega 20 graphics
Since I need to supply 8 outputs for video I would like some advice for creating this many.

It comes down to the following 3 options
Using the Desktop with 2 Datapath FX4 SDI to all screens / projectors via Resolume
Using the Desktop with Decklink Quad SDI to all screens / projectors via Resolume
Using the Desktop with 1 Datapath FX4 SDI + 1 GPU output to projectors via Resolume and running the studio of a Macbook Pro using QLAB.
Im new to the world of Datapath and was wondering if this is a viable setup to go touring with? Is the time consuming to set up when we move the show? Or is it as simple as setting the config and then plug and play everytime we move the show?

Genlock - I know adding the BM would probably add latency and Im not able to gen-lock it. There will be no live inputs in this setup (as of yet).

Edge-blending - I will need to edge blend the 5 projectors together.

Another question : What would be the total composition size for the 8 outputs? The 5 projectors would be 5*1080 (5400) by (1920) since they are rigged vertically, but the 3 monitors are 3*1920 x 1080?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers, Glenn

PS. Would love to come and talk about this @ the Resolume HQ since we are a company based in the same city.

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Re: Touring with Multiple outputs - need some opinions!

Post by Scratchpole » Sun Mar 03, 2019 18:54

Sounds like a fun challenge ;)

The edge blending will be a pain in the proverbial, could you get away without it?
Maybe just use one projector for each wall, or one for top and one for bottom of the upstage wall.

The Datapaths do just need programming once so should not cause any issues.

I would suggest using both computers and splitting the load between scenery mapping and control booth screens.

I hope the tiles are not shiney.

Also 10:16 would usually be 1200x1920 pixels :)

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Re: Touring with Multiple outputs - need some opinions!

Post by He2neg » Sat Mar 09, 2019 05:52

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