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Info panel

Post by Grimm90 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 20:59

I would like to add an info panel to my already long feature request list, which could show different types of info / flip modes of what it shows.

- FPS (this could maybe also be displayed in the lower bottom grey area with pc performance %)
- A bigger clock / stopwatch
- Just info about the comp size; creation date , which midi/osc is connected , which audio is connected, NDI / Spout/syphon active, how many layers are active .. like an adobe 'document info'
- a text editor to be able to put notes. Can be for yourself , or notes you can write "how to use this comp" if you make it for somebody else
- a seperate preview window , cause sometimes the main preview monitor can act annoying in size.

Personally was thinking it could be part of the help window , but then also moveable in the interface

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Re: Info panel

Post by He2neg » Tue Mar 05, 2019 08:20

Everything +1 from my side. Not very very importand but good to have in the future.
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