Church of Cannabis 4/20 Light Show setup 6 HD projectors and 1 monitor

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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Church of Cannabis 4/20 Light Show setup 6 HD projectors and 1 monitor

Post by adammutchler » Tue Mar 12, 2019 02:06

I'm trying to build a setup. I need to buy the hardware asap and get going on creative since I have a deadline coming.

Based on research Resolume Arena seems like the best software for dynamic effects with music for my 6 1080by1920 projector setup with a 7th monitor as workstation for the 360 degree show on the amazing mural on the chapel ceiling of the International Church of Cannabis in Denver.

Basically I'll need to do some complicated edge blending since projectors are at weird angles to give me maximum coverage and resolution. Projectors are mounted and installed. Hoping the learning curve isn't too steep for a premiere/After Effects guy to create masks for all the artwork and white areas, and tell a story with video and effects.

I'm willing to buy other hardware or computer to make this work, but need to move fast, so please be in touch.

If anyone wants to donate any advice, setups, or footage to the project, I'd be happy to credit all the artists and technicians that help me get it ready in time for April 20th. If there is someone hireable to consult via phone during the project to make the correct hardware purchases, and setup things up properly, please email me right away at adammutchler @ gmail dot com and I'll ring you to discuss.

Computer I could work with.. I have below, although if a beast PC tower makes sense, I'd be willing to get one asap.

Mac Pro (late 2013)
Processor: 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5
Memory: 16 GB 1866 MHz DDR3
Graphics: AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB

There are 6 thunderbolt display ports, 1 hdmi port, 4 usb ports and 2 ethernet ports

Based on reading forum, my gut is this is underpowered and won't allow for a 7th workstation monitor and that I may want a switcher or Blackmagic setup regardless.

Also seems like playing 6 1080p streams and the 7th workstation simultaneously where I need frame synch won't likely play properly on the mac alone.

Long term I may also want flexibility of having a video camera input for live music shows which pushes me toward some additional hardware.

So anyone, want to chime in or do a call with me to help me get the right setup ordered and going this week?

I'm assuming I'll need to run HDMI around the chapel for all the projectors to make sure synch actually works properly.

Thanks for any and all advice or recommendations. Been reading the forums, and you all are amazing. I posted some screenshots of the test fractals I put on when getting the projectors positioned and mounted.

adammutchler @ gmail dot com

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