Big scale RIG.

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Big scale RIG.

Post by Bassindaniel » Fri Apr 26, 2019 21:46

Hi all!
I'm about to operate a BIG show on a two PC desktops in parallel using OSC control (for backup reasons),

#1 specs:
Asus Prime X299 LGA2066 motherboard
32gb ram
Samsung 970 pro nvme
RTX 2080
Blackmagic decklink 8k Pro
Resolume arena 6.1.3

#2 specs:
Asus rog z-370g motherboard
i7 8700k
32gb ram
Samsung 970 pro nvme
GTX 1080
Blackmagic decklink Duo 2
Resolume arena 6.1.3

Output pixels can be mapped into three 4k outputs and one 1080 Output - and of course i need a UI screen... total of 5 screens.
Three 4k led wall controllers and one projector.

My questions are:
The maximum GPU's (RTX 2080 and GTX 1080) output resolution is 7680x4320@60Hz and only 4 outputs at the same time -
If i use the Motherboard output OR Blackmagic SDI output. will it considered as a GPU resolution output or not?

can i use this output as a UI screen or UI must be on main GPU?


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Re: Big scale RIG.

Post by drazkers » Sat Apr 27, 2019 00:27

I would send 5760x2160 through two FX4's if your going into an E2. That way you can fit on four outputs.

Do you know what your plugging into? Image pros? E2? spyder? Ascender? Vio 4K?

That really helps in what people can suggest besides just buying another video card.

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