Playbak jumps between decks

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Playbak jumps between decks

Post by SergioCaparelli » Sat Jun 08, 2019 13:48

Hello Resolume world!
Im relatively new to Arena and im having a little problem i cant quite figure out a workaround.
I have a deck with several clips in a layer in autopilot, making a big loop. If mid playback i change to another deck, lets say to arrange something, when the clip playing ends, it jumps to a different clip in this deck im viewing.

Is there a way to lock playback to a single deck??
For now im not switching decks during playback and thats it. But i see accidents happening in the near future XD
The show is in a few hours, wish me luck haha

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Re: Playbak jumps between decks

Post by pfelberg » Wed Jun 12, 2019 15:59

This is very unusual.
Resolume does not do that. Changing decks should not stop, modify, change the playing clip at all.
What version are you running?

My guess is that somehow you might have a keyboard issue: auto selecting a key randomly or everytime you switch a deck, selecting/playing another clip.

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Re: Playbak jumps between decks

Post by Zoltán » Thu Jun 13, 2019 17:34

So, you have a layer set to Auto pilot,
then you play a clip in this layer, and switch to a different deck.
The clip ends and a new clip from the current deck is launched.

That's because you told the layer via the auto pilot setting, to launch a new clip when the currently playing clip has ended.
If you'd like auto pilot to stop on deck switch, you need to disable auto pilot, when you switch decks in Resolume 6.
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