Output monitor like output advanced

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Output monitor like output advanced

Post by Timoxy » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:42

Hi everybody.

I've stupid question i think :? .

I make mapping with LED SCREENS. I use 2 screens (to try something) : the first screen in 640*640 and the second in 640*384 px.

In advance configuration i created 2 slices, 1 for each screens.

In input selection i put 1920*1080 for each screen. And in output transformation 640*640 and the second in 640*384 px.

The first screen position in slice transformaiton is : 0:0
The second screen position in slice transformation is : 640:0

My problem. In the output monitor, the both screen are in full screen and on the same postion x:0 and y:0.

Is not possible to have exactly the output transformation in the output monitor ?

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Re: Output monitor like output advanced

Post by He2neg » Fri Jun 14, 2019 18:05

you can display your input mapping correct....

you use slice Transform for that... Drop it (with all slices) in the Composition tap and select the style you need...

Detailed Infos & Tutorial:

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