Touchscreen issues

"Where is Feature X? I need Feature X! How can you not have Feature X?"
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Touchscreen issues

Post by Grimm90 » Sat Jul 20, 2019 19:23

I started using Resolume now with a touchscreen , i love it really much better than any midi controller.
Resolume 7 also got my panties all wet , i admid , but still i want moaarr :D
But this raised some requests :

1) To be able to resize & recolor the scrollbars. Now , if i want to 'click' the scrollbaber on screen , i often accidentally selected another deck , which caused major fails on the drop.

I tried to be a "many decks VJ" , im not. I want 600 clips in one deck and to be able to slide to column 100 where i got all my "freaky head clips" together and pop them straight in without changing decks. Am i just mad ?
WASD keys to navigate in the comp (or self assignable keys) would still rock it too :p

1.5) I also really would need those to be in a clearer color scheme , or adjustable in settings.
I find them very hard to see on long vj nights with some wodka.. Especially some monitors are horrible in these slight contrasts & then you are forced to look under a angle cause your vj desk is too small...
I got my mouse pointer coloured , why not the scrollbars in the same green as the rest of resolume ?

2) Again , a favorite effects panel , where you can drop your 3 to 5 favo presets .
Panel ideally would be floating , but dockable is also an option.
It's just out of pracitcallity , i want to have some effects & presets ready up close to drop on a clip if needed on the fly, without having to search my ever growing list of effects.
Maybe this could also swap for a color palette panel for the color picker feature

When i'm making a compositon , i need automask , hue rotate , brightness & contrast and some otherall the time over.
For me i like it in adobe , you got a toolbar , and if you need something a lot like the pen tools , you drag them out & get them close by.

3) A seperate FPS panel , or a seperate place to show this (who really needs that clock lower right corner anyway??) It just doesn't make sense that it's locked on the preview window to me

4) A default setting for parameter animations .

Often i want effects parameters to 'ping-pong' slowly on time line. Now i click the little arrow , "timeline" , and it starts racing to 100% value , and if im not on time or the speed settings are out of range cause the panel is too small , it will go to 100% , snap , 0% .
If we could change the default setting for a BPM sync / timeline based parameter animation that would be awesome ..

5) A horizontal "sliding panel' .
So layer 1-2-3-4-5 are clips and what not .
Layer 6-7-8 are my strobes , my FX stacks for certain looks , my slice transforms & routers ..
These are all persistent clips , and in column 1-8 neatly linked to my APC40 pads.

When i slide to my column 200 in my 600 clips , it would be AWESOME if these first 8 columns could "slide with me" visually to column 200. I don't think they should change column number , also midi wise that would be a mess.
Think like how in excel you can 'lock' parts of your sheet , while scrolling all the rest.

6) Insert X columns / clips
One extra feature in the context menu when right clicking a column or clip :' insert x amounts of columns / clips .
Combined with the possibility of 'shift click & delete' empty columns & clip slots , that would mean a whole new level in composition organisation speed.

7) An option to change the big layer X B S buttons , back to the 3 favorite blendmodes as in resolume 5.
I miss this function terribly , really like i know i could get a tablet & OSC and midi control for those blend modes , but i really miss it still . It's not so much about accessibility for me always , but also about having set 3 blend modes "ready" on a layer , which you tested and know alll 3 work great with this content in this layer.
Honestly i rarely use the B & S buttons , the X button i do but thats midi mapped above faders on the midi controller..
This part of the UI is almost fully customisable , with transition & speed controls all as option..

8) Collapse layers & groups. Or resize (so thumbnails dissappear only text stays for example)
Has been asked before , i'm asking it again .
Resolume is awesome as it is , but still itt's about getting as much out of your UI as you need , and you aren't always in a situation where you can hook up a second monitor to more UI room .

9) Still no BPM random on parameter animations ? Any chance of this one coming soon ?
Im kinda missing the speed slider too for effect parameters but i guess thats just about adapting to the new thing..

I'm no expecting anything soon , i hope the devs get some well earned ice cream this summer .
Would be great to see these features happen before april 23th 2020 , cause yea , you know what u did there :p

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