adapting old video collection

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adapting old video collection

Post by PartyPapi » Thu Oct 03, 2019 22:13

is it possible to link a bigger set of videos (about 20k) automatically (batch mode) with the matching audios?
Right now I am still working with MIXVIBES CROSS 3.x for video. It uses video files just like audio files. But I tend to change to the DENON PRIME 4 with RESOLUME ARENA in near future (should be available in december). My problem is written above. Certainly I want to go on using my collection of music videos. The amount is just too big to link every video manually. Therefor I am asking if it is also possible to get this job done automatically.

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Re: adapting old video collection

Post by Zoltán » Tue Oct 08, 2019 09:01

Having the file name of the audio tracks in the video name helps a lot ;)

What I did to link lots of videos at once, was
I converted the Video clips to Audio only files for the prime 4, can be either mp3 or wav,
Then converted the clips to DXV with Alley.
Then id a batch rename of the video clips to have the file name include the audio extension. You can do this easily with TotalCommander.
So for an audio file of: Artist - trackName.mp3
I'd have a DXV video file named Artist -

Drop these DXV files to Resolume, select all, right click - Strip Audio (if you had audio embedded) and right click - Transport - Denon.
And they should be ready.
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