Dome warping

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Dome warping

Post by turbozebra8000 »

Hi Volks
I'm still working on Arena 5 hope somebody arround can help...
When I use the "make a circle" option in advanced output on a slice it creates automatically an circle with an warping of a half ball or an outside dome...

Is there any way to invert that warping inside the circle to get an inside dome?

Hope it's understandable what I'm talking about and somebody has a quick solution.

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Dome warping

Post by Oaktown »

What do you mean by an outside dome?

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Re: Dome warping

Post by He2neg »

i guess he means "like projekt from the outside onto a ball" and what he want to get is mapping a dome from the inside...

perspectiv warping & bezire mode is what i would try... i also think you´ll need to make it yourselfe.

also there is a 360° ffgl Plugin that may help you...
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