new transport layout arena 7

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new transport layout arena 7

Post by Willum » Thu Nov 07, 2019 18:02

Hi all of you!
I love the new features and renovations in Arena 7. Except for the clip transportation options. I was wondering why you devided the playmodes into two groups instead of the previous seperate layout? I see there are more options with each mode. But doing a live hands-on fooling around (on my apc) between the modes is not possible anymore it seems. Or is there a solution for it? Since so far you've had a solution for everything (except for saving the world, or did I miss that one?) I was wondering if there is a way to tackle this one too?

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Re: new transport layout arena 7

Post by Zoltán » Thu Nov 14, 2019 19:33

Great to hear you like the new features in 7 :)
We've moved the random option from the play directions to the play modes, because random is not a direction. You can also play footage backwards in random now. This was not possible in v6.

We're working on an issue where mapping duplicate shortcuts to a multi option target in Resolume - like the play direction- and switching between the mapping options with the same note is not working in 7.
Currently your option to work around this would be using different notes for the options.
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