Syncing BPM automatically with the live music

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Syncing BPM automatically with the live music

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I work in small club and one guy has to operate the lights and the visuals.
So I'm looking for options to automize the visuals as much as possible.
First of all we're using Resolume 5.
I already use Artnet DMX input for controlling some properties/clips from the lighting program.

I think that next step should be auto-syncing BPM with the live music. I can use rec out from the DJ mixer (Pioneer DJM-900NXS2) and input it to computer as line in.
I wanted to buy Akai APC40 mk2, but then I saw a comment that it doesn't send MIDI clock.

How should I proceed to achieve auto-syncing? Which MIDI device you recommend?

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Re: Syncing BPM automatically with the live music

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You light guy for sure also tap the bpm or have a bpm clock running... you can send this to to resolume to get the right bpm...

you can have the clips run on bpm mode
you can have effects and envelopes on bpm mode...

first of all ist that you get the right bpm mode into arena the easy way would be to send it via artnet as well...

you allready have the audio in, so you can set up audio reactiv effects like fisheye etc... these should be turned on/off by the light/ artnet signal as well...

many ways lead to sucess
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