Problem to import or use audio file (beginner)

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Problem to import or use audio file (beginner)

Post by Jonas » Wed Feb 12, 2020 14:53

Hey everyone! :D

So what I want to do is to create a nice backdrop video for my band that we can use when we play live. Therefore I aim to connect the music to the visuals. So my question is quite simply how to do this. I have watched several YouTube clips and searched for hours on this subject. I have tried to use audio fft for in and out parameter but nothing happens when I play music in another application. The program does not register it. I have no problem dragging in a wav file and put it in a column and play it so the audio should be correctly configured. Also tried ofc from clip etc but never figured out how it works. When I out the wav file in a column it just restarts when I change to another column for new visuals. Is there no way to just import an audio file and use clips synced to certain times in the song, kind of like premier or any other sequence based program? If not what would be the best solution for me? I can make videos that are not synced to the songs ofc but isn't that one of the big advantages of resolume, for djs and maybe also musicians.

I use a good external USB soundcard, Plattform is Windows and Hardware PC. Thankful for any help in this matter 😁👍

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Re: Problem to import or use audio file (beginner)

Post by Zoltán » Tue Feb 18, 2020 12:59

I think you might have missed choosing your audio FFT input device in Resolume preferences:
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